Your pool equipment

a very important technical part. There are many equipments to choose from, we have rigorously selected the best products and support you for the most appropriate solutions.

The Carré Bleu filtration system
For clear and limpid water, our filtration system is proven and upgradeable.

Filter, pump, electrical box, bungs, nozzles, skimmers are the elements that allow you, in a completely automated way, not to worry about the water in your swimming pool. It remains clear & healthy all year round.

We will advise you on the most suitable and scalable system according to your project.
27/5000 Automated water treatment
For guaranteed water quality 24 hours a day
  • Automatic pH regulator
    Easy to use and compact, it provides you with the analysis and regulation of the pH of your pool in order to optimize the quality of the water.

  • Salt electrolyser
    Allows you to manage the disinfection of your pool according to its volume and use.
To enjoy your pool for longer
Do not wait until summer to swim, and staying in the water until autumn is quite possible. Carré Bleu heat pumps with a reduced ecological footprint are environmentally friendly. Other systems are possible, our team will offer you the most suitable solution depending on your heat balance and the size of your pool.
No more chores !!
Our automatic cleaning robots clean the walls of the pool, the bottom and the water line ... much faster and more efficiently than by hand.

We also offer all the classic maintenance accessories, from vacuum brushes to landing nets, water tests, water treatment products.
Decor & waterproofing
Coatings are very important aesthetic and functional elements.

The liner, the second skin of your pool, brings depth and shine to your pool. Classic or design, choose the one that suits you!

The reinforced membrane, of exceptional resistance, allows the waterproofing of swimming pools with the freest shapes and high traffic.
An exceptional atmosphere
The first function of lighting is obviously safety for your nocturnal swimming.

During your evenings, the lighting of the pool transforms it into an enchanted place, with a special, magical atmosphere.

Projectors, just like the other submerged elements of your swimming pool, must be included in the design of your pond.
Water animations
Absolute Zenitude
Slides of water, waterfalls, fountains undeniably bring you a very strong and very personal, contemporary and luxurious aesthetic appeal.

The atmosphere of the sound of water flowing quietly from the curtains or fountains promotes relaxation, deep appeasement. Be zen :-)
Swimming against the current
for swimming or hydrotherapy enthusiasts
Whatever the size of your pool, our counter-current swimming system allows you to swim without stopping.

The speed of the current is variable, for different exercises, sport swimming, moment of relaxation, hydrotherapy ...

Our turbine can be installed on existing basins, but choose its location carefully to ensure a flow without turbulence.
Amenity equipment
The finishing touch to your pool
  • Solar showers
    With a mixer tap, your shower after a good water session will be at the ideal temperature all day long.
  • Access ramps
    They secure access and exit for swimmers and can be installed in addition to a lower ladder or a staircase
  • Ladder
    Straight or mixed ladder, special shutter or asymmetric, two or more steps ... it is always made to measure
  • Water games
    A selection of varied pool games to entertain swimmers of all ages