The construction of your swimming pool

We specialize in the construction of custom-made traditional masonry swimming pools and we master all the technical and aesthetic know-how in order to make your project a reality.
The 4 phases of construction.

1 - Structural work
3 successive steps
  • Excavation and construction of the trenches.
  • Construction of the shell and passage of the hydraulic pipes.
  • Backfilling of the perimeter of the basin and the trenches.
2 - Swimming pool installation
From filtration to impoundment
  • Assembly of the technical room.
  • Sealing and laying of the pool coverings, copings.
  • Filling, testing of filtration and comfort equipment.
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3 - Closures and security
Installation of the curtain and security elements
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4 - The reception
... and the first dive!
  • Reception of the work carried out and signature of the acceptance report.
  • Explanation of the operation and handling of the basin.
5 - Landscaping
... the finishing touch to your pool!
The layout of your pool contributes to the creation of a special atmosphere, haven of peace, privacy, abundance, wild nature or serenity ... and to make it a harmonious place, in accordance with the space that surrounds it and the movement of your family and friends.
The choice of materials, species of plants and shrubs, automatic watering systems, also allow you to limit maintenance.

With our partner, the Passedat company in Luzech.

The different types of swimming pool
Choose your style!