Pool robots

What are swimming pool robots used for? How to choose your own? We answer your questions.

How to choose the right robot?
Several factors to take into account.
There are two main types of robots: electric robots, which are autonomous and hydraulic robots, which operate using water pressure and are connected to the swimming pool filtration system.

Among the pool robot models, we can mention battery-powered robots, 100% autonomous but some models with cable, require a power outlet and a transformer nearby.

For wireless robots, several options are available (floating battery, integrated battery or solar). Their main advantage is that they are autonomous and do not require any connection to an electrical outlet and to the filtration system of the swimming pool, they have their own filter.

Overall, the robots have the same vocation, to clean your pond effectively. But depending on your budget, the environment around your pool and your technical configuration, some robots will be better suited to your needs.
What's the point?
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Your swimming pool requires daily maintenance in order to cope with the various types of pollution to which it is exposed (leaves, sand, impurities, etc.).

Pool robots provide precise cleaning of the bottom, walls, water lines and various coatings of your pool.
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