Maintaining your Pool Heat Pump

Save money and make your life easier! Our team offers you suitable formulas for the maintenance of your swimming pool heat pump.

Maintain your heat pump?
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The swimming pool heat pump allows you to heat the swimming pool and to be able to jump into the water without fear of the cold, in the morning, at midnight, in any season ...

... but the device is delicate and requires regular maintenance to operate throughout the year.

This is not a simple cleaning !!!
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A service provided by a professional
Save money!
Guaranteeing the life of your device and ensuring its performance allows you to avoid losing degrees, saving water, controlling electricity consumption.

The detection of possible small repairs or the replacement of wearing parts will also prevent you from any unpleasant surprises in the event of a serious breakdown.

You must have the following operations carried out at least once a year:

- control of settings
- check that the condensates are flowing properly
- checking the electrical connections and the earth connection
- checking the hydraulic impermeability of the condenser
- recording of the refrigeration cycle (synopsis)
- verification of the measurement of the "superheating and sub-cooling" intensity
- water jet cleaning of the evaporator depending on the level of contamination
- tightness test of the refrigerant network (verification of absence of refrigerant leakage).
- cleaning of the bodywork with mild soap
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Our maintenance contract
Our specialized technicians will allow you to enjoy your swimming pool without worrying about the inconvenience linked to the non-functioning of your heating system or to avoidable repair or consumption costs.

The better your machine is maintained, the more chances you will have of using it for years to come.

For installations with a power> 12KW, it is compulsory and must be carried out by a professional, the year following installation and then every 5 years
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