The safety of your swimming pool

We offer several devices to be in compliance with the standards in force. Very effective, because the accident does not only happen to others and children under 5 are the first victims.

Submerged shutters
The most discreet solution
The automatic submerged covers are the most discreet and the most integrated in your swimming pool, almost invisible when closed and of a suitable color when deployed.

Once opened, the flap covers the basin completely, securing it perfectly. The shutters can be installed - in certain cases - on existing basins.
Above-ground shutters
Great simplicity
The above-ground cover can easily be adapted to an already built swimming pool, for a minimum space requirement.

Installation is quick, there are electric and automatic models, other manuals.

The current models remain very discreet and know how to integrate very well into existing pools.
Safety & prolongation of swimming
Shelters have a double advantage: total security and prolongation of the swimming season.

Mid-high, telescopic, sliding, lifting, fixed, the range is wide. The telescopic low shelters fit very well into the landscape, the fixed tops add an extra room, such as a veranda.
The bar cover
The economical solution
Made up of aluminum profiles, this cover also makes it possible to limit the loss of calories and to limit pollution. You will more easily maintain good water quality all year round.

The use is extremely simple, unrolled in less than 3 minutes, 3 attachment points are enough to fix it. A crank makes opening easier.
The fences
An effective barrier all day
With the fence, security is permanent and optimal. Secure doors cannot be opened by unaccompanied children under 5 years old.

There are many solutions, from the most functional to the most aesthetic, transparent and design.

The modularity of this closure allows it to adapt to all pools up to the most complex.