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Swimming pool operators: We have never had so many clients

Original article published in La Dépêche on June 17, 2020,8935942.php

We have never had so many clients

On the eve of a very hot summer, companies and stores for the construction and maintenance of swimming pools in Cahors are experiencing strong activity.

It's the rush for water. After spending two months in confinement in the summer heat, many today want the freshness of a swimming pool. The fear of having to spend a summer at home only strengthens their wish. In Cahors, in the Cash Piscines store, where you can find all types of swimming pool equipment, the queue seems to get longer every day. After two weeks of service by drive, the brand has reopened its doors for deconfinement. “For three weeks, we have never had so many customers. Many fear that they will not be able to go on vacation, ”says Yohan, the store manager. Here, it is mainly above-ground swimming pools that we come to find. Easily and quickly installed, these are more economical alternatives to in-ground swimming pools. "All the accessories around the swimming pool, the robots, the heat pumps, or the kits for in-ground swimming pools are selling very well today", adds the merchant. While the store often receives families looking for the perfect entertainment, artisans also frequent it more often. It is because, for them too, the demand is increasing. But a very specific request.

"The number of swimming pool constructions has not exploded, because many building permits have not been examined (see box)", explains Fanny Parre, who manages the swimming pool construction company Delpech Piscines. “On the other hand, we have more requests to fit out and maintain swimming pools. The health crisis has not penalized our activity: we have not stopped working ”. From now on, its customers want to accessorize their swimming pool: heating, roller shutter, etc ...

The confinement made many people want to rethink their home. “People anticipate a summer that they will have to spend at home,” adds Fanny Parre. Another clientele that makes its voice heard more than usual: that of the owners of second homes. "After confinement, many Parisians want to come and spend the summer in the Lot," said the manager. A summer during which, given the expected warm temperatures, it will certainly be good to swim.

Suspended construction sites

Several swimming pool construction sites have been suspended due to containment. Indeed, the health crisis has prevented the instruction of many building permits that have not yet been completed. In addition, swimming pool construction companies are also suffering from the delay accumulated by craftsmen who, for some, have stopped their activity. "When we depend too much on subcontractors, such as masons for example, their delay often has repercussions on our work," explains Fanny Parre.

Caroline Peyronel

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