All about passive wintering

Wintering is the period when your pool is put to sleep in winter, when the frost risks damaging it, triggering leaks, cracks and damaging your equipment.

What is wintering?

In addition to protection during winter, wintering also makes it possible to avoid the difficult cleaning in spring of a completely green swimming pool, and the use of many chemicals.

  • Active wintering consists of running the pool at idle speed all winter.
  • Passive wintering consists of bringing the entire system to complete rest. This wintering method is to be preferred in regions where the cold is more severe and the frost is frequent ... as with us in the Lot.

How to do a passive wintering?

At the right time: when the water temperature drops below 15 degrees.

  1. Make a complete cleaning of the basin as well as the water line.
  2. Empty the basin 10cm under the discharge nozzles. Check and treat if necessary (PH and disinfection).
  3. Very important to avoid the explosion of the pipes in the event of frost: purge and close your filtration system, drain the filter, the pump, and your ancillary equipment (swimming against the current, solar shower, etc.).
  4. Use a winterizing product, distributing it in different places, to prevent the development of algae and bacteria. Mix for a few minutes using an external pump.
  5. Do not hesitate to dismantle the outdoor equipment that could suffer from frost and close your pool with a winter cover or your shutter.

Maintenance by a professional

Entrusting the wintering of your pool to a professional can save you some costly inconvenience and guarantee you will find your pool in the spring in excellent condition.

We suggest our "serenity" formula which offers the operations of opening and closing your pool, including the checks and maintenance to be carried out on this occasion.

We operate in the Lot, all our teams are focused on the satisfaction of our customers so that your swimming pools are really easy to live with.

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